Photo of a Small Family in the Car. Safe Travel in the USA is Possible This Summer!It’s nearly impossible to ignore the nation’s current state, as coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected just about every aspect of our lives, including travel. If there’s a silver lining in all of this global chaos, it’s that civilization will likely pursue healthier lifestyles and enhanced cleaning and sanitation standards, which have never been more precise than they are today. Travel is inevitable this summer, with most states already lifting restrictions. Thus, it’s critical to outline how to approach safe travel in the USA as this pandemic subsides. For example, it helps to know about safer getaway options away from crowds and busy hotel lobbies and pools. Charming, extended stay lodgings with kitchens, such as those offered by Beach Vacation Rentals might be your perfect spot in the sun. All five of our locations are multiple White Glove Award winners and proud members of the Superior Small Lodging Association.

Safe Travel in the USA: Discover Pompano Beach

Photo of Pompano Beach. Safe Travel in the USA is Possible This Summer!

Beach Vacation Rentals’ dazzlingly-clean boutique apartments and charming cottages flawlessly meet the highest of standards during intense annual inspections. And they’ve stepped up their already strict protocols to exceed new CDC standards in light of COVID-19. Each rental makes the perfect basecamp for any type of beachy getaway to our sandy paradise. Pompano Beach, Florida, sees much less foot traffic than your average oceanside city, which naturally creates a serene ambiance during all four seasons.

A quality companion to this article is “Pompano Beach, Florida: A Safer Vacation Option after COVID-19.” Social distancing in Pompano Beach is as natural as a vibrant, heartwarming Atlantic Ocean sunrise. The community remains a “best-kept secret,” and we like it that way. It’s worth noting that hundreds of stellar nearby restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreation businesses could use our help. So, please don’t hesitate to discover the very best of Pompano Beach while also practicing proper social distancing. Without further ado, here are 15 distinct ways to practice safe travel in the USA this summer:

  1. Choose a vacation rental over a stuffy resort or hotel. While there are typically a handful of shared amenities, vacation rentals resemble home.
  2. Cook your own meals (or order takeout). Purchase some local produce, fresh-caught fish, and your favorite products, and pretend that you’re a top chef.
  3. Continue to practice social distancing, even in the weeks and months after the curve is flattened.
  4. Plan, plan, and plan some more. Plan your routes, daily itineraries, and pit stops. It’s better to be over-prepared than to get caught in a wave of tourists.
  5. Pack smartly. That means sanitizer, masks, and athletic wear that covers your arms and legs.
  6. Bring cards, not cash.
  7. Walk more, touch less. All of our award-winning Pompano Beach condo rentals are just two blocks or less to the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. Contact our team in advance to learn what we’re doing to keep you safe.
  9. When applicable, obtain peace of mind. Feel free to wipe down commonly touched surfaces (handles, faucets, pool chairs) in an effort to make everyone comfortable. We are doing the same.
  10. Travel light and try not to carry anything in your pockets. Make the airport security check as seamless as possible.
  11. Be flexible. Are there too many people in one spot? Let’s try somewhere else.
  12. Utilize our staff. We know the best takeout, quietest beaches, and less-frequented hidden gems.
  13. For the safety of others, try to self-quarantine as much as possible, leading up to the vacation.
  14. Partake in a variety of activities that don’t include crowds, such as birding, bicycling, boating, snorkeling, photography, kayaking, and golfing.
  15. Get plenty of sleep, always stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and slow down. It’s a vacation, after all.

The Top-Rated Pompano Beach Vacation Rentals

Safe travel in the USA, or anywhere else for that matter, takes planning, effort, and flexibility. The bottom line is that things will be different for the foreseeable future. Allow yourself to think outside the box, try new activities, and rethink ways to save money.

Photo of a Beach Vacation Rental. Safe Travel in the USA is Possible This Summer!Again, Pompano Beach is equally peaceful, uncrowded, and beautiful. It’s a prideful community filled with genuinely hospitable people. We lean on each other for strength. This takes collaboration, patience, and a lot of passion. Click the links below to learn more about our particularly gorgeous slice of Southeast Florida. Please reach out at any time by dialing 954-283-1111 (or contact a reservations).