(updated 5/27/20)

For the protection of our guests and staff, Beach Vacation Rentals uses the following policies and procedures in an effort to contain and minimize the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pineapple Place - pool and deck.

Protocols for Guests

  • Guests will have temperature check upon arrival and may be turned away if sick
  • Guest signage encourages washing hands immediately, each time they enter their apartment
  • Guests may have no visitors for the immediate future, until further notice.
  • Guests are encouraged to keep socially distant and wear masks in common areas
  • Pool area – Guests must stay at least six feet apart from other guest parties
  • Laundry room – No more than one guest or one couple at a time may use the laundry room

Protocols for Staff

Hygiene and Environmental Safety:

  • Staff members will stay home or go home if feeling sick
  • Staff will wear facemask and gloves at all times around guests.
  • Staff will wash hands at least once per hour or use an approved, alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Upon each guest’s departure and prior to housekeeping, maintenance disinfects all surfaces, from ceilings to floors, with hospital-grade, EPA-approved, eco-friendly products, and UV light. Cleaning products include EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens against COVID-19 and harder to kill viruses, including NeoSan Labs 02 and 03 broad-spectrum disinfectants. It is non-toxic to people, pets or plants, fragrance-free, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic, leaves no residue and is certified by the Green Clean Institute. It quickly disinfects porous and nonporous surfaces and the air.

Exteriors and Common Areas:

  • We perform additional environmental cleaning on all frequently touched public areas 
  • Pool gates, chairs, and area are disinfected twice per day
  • Apartment keyless entries and door handles are disinfected twice per day
  • Laundry rooms are disinfected twice per day
  • Spray bottles with bleach and water mix are at pool decks for guests to spray their chairs before and after use, also in laundry rooms for guests to spray any ‘high touch” areas.

Apartment Interiors Between Guests:Cottage by the Ocean Studio.

  • Apartments shall be vacant at least 2-3 days between guests (longer if COVID is suspected)
  • Housekeepers use extensive cleaning checklists
  • Many normal room amenities will be removed to be able to better sanitize apartments but shall be available upon request (see amenities list on the disposable in-room information sheets).

Housekeepers will deep clean and disinfect every guest apartment to include all hard and soft surfaces. This includes telephones, remote controls, A/C controls, electronics power buttons, door handles, locks and latches, window latches, closet rods and walls, clothes hangers, desk and drawer faces, drawer and cabinet handles and insides, waste can surfaces, lamp and picture surfaces, mirrors, alarm clocks, guest directories, signage, bed frames and furniture legs, overhead light covers and wall switches, shower rods, showerheads, sink handles and tile floors. All bed and bath linens and shower curtains will be replaced with freshly laundered ones. Kitchen dishes, glasses, flatware, gadgets, and pots/pans will be additionally sanitized by UV light. Individually wrapped plastic cups will be provided in bathrooms.