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Pompano Beach News

Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

Cottages by the Ocean, Pompano Beach, Florida. Accommodations can have a huge impact on your vacation. You can find the perfect destination and plan a memorable itinerary, but if your lodging lacks comfort, privacy, or security, the vacation of your dreams can quickly go awry.   The team at Beach Vacation Rentals is here to help you pick [...]

The Best New Restaurants in Pompano Beach

If you’re a foodie, you need to add Pompano Beach to your travel list. This beautiful and delicious seaside destination just north of Fort Lauderdale is home to a thriving food scene filled with a wide range of dining options. One-of-a-kind, iconic new restaurants, including the city’s first food hall, are only elevating Pompano Beach’s food and drink offerings. [...]

Cabins or Cottages: Staying at Cottages by the Ocean

Located less than two blocks from the ocean in beautiful Pompano Beach, lies an intriguing lodging compound that houses travelers exploring South Florida: Cottages by the Ocean. These well-appointed short-term rentals offer a quiet, safe, and clean environment set amidst tropical serenity.  Despite having the word “cottages” in the name, some travel sites list these accommodations as cabins. Which is [...]

Reasons to Visit Pompano Beach, Florida, in the Spring

Spring is a time of rejuvenation. As the temperatures begin to warm and flowers start to bloom, it isn’t uncommon for people to experience wanderlust. If you’re looking for a premier destination for your spring getaway, look no further than Pompano Beach, Florida. This charming oceanfront town just north of Fort Lauderdale has exceptional weather, the perfect blend of exciting [...]

Romantic Getaways at Cottages by the Ocean in Pompano Beach, FL

A romantic getaway can be just the right break for couples who are ready to relax away from life’s normal distractions and spend quality time together. Sunny Pompano Beach, Florida, is the perfect destination for a much-needed romantic getaway; this location offers beautiful weather, attractions and activities perfect for couples, and wonderful accommodations.  Cottages by the Ocean in Pompano [...]

The Ultimate Entertainment Guide to Pompano Beach, Florida

Beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida, is home to a seemingly endless supply of entertainment. On a daily basis, the city comes alive with events, live music, happy hours, and more, offering excitement for locals and visitors alike.  As you plan your getaway to this slice of paradise, the team at Beach Vacation Rentals invites you to explore our entertainment guide, designed [...]

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