beach water sports(7-31-19) There’s never an offseason for oceanic adventures here in sunny Pompano Beach, a year-round tropical haven for families, couples, and groups who are aiming to escape their hectic schedules. Pompano Beach is closer to the Gulf Stream than anywhere else in the United States, which provides beachgoers and aquatic thrillseekers with warm, crystal clear water, regardless of the season. There are countless potential Pompano Beach water sports within minutes of our boutique apartments and top-rated cottages here at Beach Vacation Rentals

The 4 Best Pompano Beach Water Sports

When you’re not sunbathing on peaceful Pompano Beach, savoring local cuisine, and scuba diving at Shipwreck Park, we highly recommend giving one of these four summer water sports a try during your well-deserved escape to South Florida.

1. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is arguably the most exhilarating water sport because it combines skills from several other aquatic activities, such as surfing, wakeboarding, and paragliding. For those who have never tried this exciting sport, Fort Lauderdale Kite Surfing offers safe, fun, and affordable lessons lasting anywhere from one to four hours. Their skilled staff will make sure that your time above the Atlantic Ocean is among the most memorable aspects of your summer getaway to Pompano Beach.

beach water sports2. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing (or “wave running”) is a popularized sport that many families cannot afford back at home, but this guided, 150-minute Pompano Beach tour is fit to match every budget. Hop aboard one of KC Watersports’ speedy, well-maintained jet skis and follow a skilled, charismatic tour guide all across the city’s most beautiful stretches, including the newly-remodeled Pompano Beach Fishing Village and Hillsboro Lighthouse.

3. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding has many names, including “SUPing” and “stand up paddleboarding” – you know it when you see it. The exceptional instructors and guides at Florida Paddleboard provide eager travelers with in-depth lessons that cover all of the basics as well as insider knowledge to ensure that stay you planted on your board. You’ll venture through some of the prettiest hidden secrets in Pompano Beach. These mostly wave-less areas are home to several unique underwater species, including manatees, spotted eagle rays, and schools of tarpon.

4. Wakeboarding

One of the most underrated Pompano Beach water sports is wakeboarding. Most guests seek out kitesurfing lessons, but wakeboarding is much easier for novices and just as fun! LTS Wakeboard School offers hour-long wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard lessons for those who are hoping to explore the teal ocean near our peaceful city. South Florida water sports are particularly exciting because our area sees less boat traffic than other areas, and the water is exceptionally warm throughout the year.

beach water sportsCharming South Florida Vacation Rentals

If you’re still looking for an extra dash of adventure, kayaking is yet another one of our most popular Pompano Beach water sports. You’ll find $20 hourly rentals at Under the Sun, American Watersports, and Life’s a Beach. Otherwise, feel free to retreat to our top-rated condos and boutique apartments to splash in an outdoor pool, grill steaks, and share a bottle of wine at dusk. You’ll also be within minutes from the area’s best seafood, craft breweries, and live music. To book a well-deserved summertime escape to sunny South Florida, please give us a call today at 1-954-283-1111, or visit us online at