Photo of Two Travelers Near the Beach in the City of Pompano Beach.April 17, 2020 — Millions of Americans dream about that first post-coronavirus getaway once shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted. If the coronavirus (COVID-19) has taught us anything, it’s the importance of family, friendship, outdoor recreation, and, perhaps, using that backlogged vacation time as the country inches closer to normalcy. Once travelers are ready and able to embark on their next beachy adventure, without question, they’re going to desire a safe haven that’s void of massive crowds and bustling airports. That’s where driving to the serene oceanfront city of Pompano Beach and having your own private vacation rental comes into the picture.

Why Beach Vacation Rentals?

Awarded Greater Fort Lauderdale’s 2019 Small Business of the Year for Tourism, Beach Vacation Rentals’ spotlessly clean boutique apartments and charming cottages may be a safer alternative to a resort full of people and meals in the hotel restaurant. They have full kitchens so you can control your own meals, and they are located in the walkable heart of the beach area, just a block or two to the wide sandy beach and beautiful oceanfront promenade.

We fully understand and appreciate that travelers may be a bit gun-shy about vacationing, even after COVID-19 has run its course. Thus, we’ve pieced together a few reasons why our award-winning small business and Pompano Beach, Florida, make the perfect combo for your next, long-awaited getaway! 

  • Photo of a Condo in the City of Pompano Beach.We’ve received multiple White Glove Awards for excellence in housekeeping each year for the past two decades. The award is given to small lodgings that achieve 100-percent perfect scores during surprise inspections.
  • Beach Vacation Rentals is a proud member of the Superior Small Lodging Association. In fact, Bahama Beach Club is the poster child for the Association, which focuses on unique, nostalgic, and authentic vacation experiences near Florida beaches.
  • We must pass intense surprise annual inspections that are required to retain membership.
  • Superior Small Lodging members are held to much higher standards than traditional large hotels in terms of cleanliness, customer service, and value. To qualify, we must excel with the highest standards.
  • We offer self-check-in and checkout with keyless entries, but our nearby owner and a fulltime maintenance chief are always at your service.

Why the City of Pompano Beach?

The City of Pompano Beach, on the Northside of Fort Lauderdale, is a peaceful, picturesque community that rests along the teal banks of the Atlantic Ocean. Time and Money magazine ranked the city in a 2018 article as the number one beach in the nation for amenities and good value. 

Thanks to countless awards, it’s no secret that Beach Vacation Rentals prioritizes housekeeping, which should put you and your family more at ease once travel bans are lifted. But the city of Pompano Beach itself is also a magnificent destination for those who wish to keep some form of “social distancing,” while still enjoying everything that makes this community so alluring. While not all of these 10 things to do in Pompano Beach may be up to the CDC’s standards of social distancing, they may provide a good amount of space for your post-coronavirus comfort level.

To learn more about our particularly beautiful slice of Southeast Florida, please visit us online at You can also reach a reservationist by dialing 1-954-283-1111. We cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces here in the sunny city of Pompano Beach whenever you are ready to relax and destress!