things to do in pompano beach(8-10-18) A massive underwater wonderland rests deep in the teal Atlantic Ocean just one mile out to sea from the charming oceanfront city of Pompano Beach, Florida. Scuba divers from all over the globe visit Shipwreck Park to explore 17 wrecks, all in close proximity, in an underwater graveyard complete with sunken artworks. Shipwreck Park is one of the most accessible major dive sites in North America, with a variety of dives for every experience level. This vast artificial reef system and marine cultural arts park is funded by a not-for-profit organization to continue its expansion, provide new habitat for a multitude of marine life and take pressure off of the natural reefs nearby. It reigns supreme among things to do in Pompano Beach.

Beach Vacation Rentals

Elaine Fitzgerald, the owner of Beach Vacation Rentals, is part of the Shipwreck Park team and continues to help this underwater playground grow into one of the world’s largest underwater arts parks. Beach Vacation Rentals provides clean, well-appointed apartments and cottages close to the dive boats and beach, and is popular among divers because Fitzgerald caters to their needs. Divers can take advantage of great savings and comfortable onsite amenities – she even installed big hooks for drying wetsuits!

Top Five Scuba Diving Wrecks to Explore in Shipwreck Park:

SS Copenhagen

The most visited dive site in Shipwreck Park is the accessible S.S. Copenhagen. The Copenhagen is a favorite among beginning divers and snorkelers because it’s a very shallow dive. This 325-foot steamer sank in 1900 on the way to Cuba from Philadelphia. Only the anchor and steel bones remain from the original wreck, as the ship has now become unified with the seafloor. The dive site is now a magically organic marvel with bright fish, massive sea anemones, and breathtaking coral.

Lady Luck

We recently celebrated the two-year sinking anniversary of the tanker Lady Luck. This 324-foot behemoth is a favorite because of its size, excellent interior layout, and unique artwork. A deep dive, it sits in 120 feet of water with the top of the stack 40 feet under the surface. The Lady Luck deck was transformed with whimsical artwork into an underwater casino boat. In just two years, the Lady Luck already is thick with schools of fish, new corals, anemones, lobsters, and giant groupers. Scuba divers love taking their photo with the mermaid waitress, octopus dealers, and card sharks at the poker table. A visit to Lady Luck has become one of the top things to do in Pompano Beach.


Shipwreck Park’s most recent addition is the 107-foot Okinawa, which was sunk in 2017 and rests in 70-feet of water. The Okinawa is a former U.S. Army tugboat, and is now home to an artsy underwater dive bar called the “Midnight Sun.” Ask the bartender, a magical mermaid holding a silver reflective globe, for a salty drink before heading back up for air.

Captain Dan

Captain Dan is Shipwreck Park’s secluded hidden gem. Gorgeous bright orange coral, unique sea anemones, and a haunting, empty interior make Captain Dan a must. This former Coast Guard vessel was sunk in 1990. Giant groupers often slip into small openings, and tiny, colorful fingerlings often say “hello” to divers.

Guy Harvey

This stunning site is named after the man who graciously donated the boat. Guy Harvey was sunk in 1997 and is now the home to thousands of fish. The entire ship is veiled in beautiful coral and algae. This dive is a deep, dark voyage that’s highly recommended for advanced divers.

pompano beach rentalsThings to Do in Pompano Beach

Beach Vacation Rentals has five boutique properties with charming beach cottages and condos all a short walk to Pompano Beach’s beautiful oceanfront, restaurants, pubs, fishing pier and dive boats. We guarantee you’ll find an accommodation that’s perfect for your upcoming underwater visit. Help support Shipwreck Park, preserve our natural coral reef system, and witness incredible marine artwork with a scuba diving excursion to beautiful South Florida.