Photo of the Pompano Cultural Art CenterOver the past couple of decades, the rapidly-evolving Atlantic oceanside community of Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale, has become one of Florida’s most attractive getaways. Public art is popping up with murals on building walls, sculptures all over town of the iconic Pompano fish that is part of the City’s logo, and even entire Atlantic Blvd bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway — City’s gateway to the beach — has been turned into an incredible piece of permanent public art. Meanwhile, millions of dollars have been spent to create exciting new venues for the arts, for the public to enjoy in every capacity.

Travelers, young and old, can spend their days scuba diving, exploring the new Pompano Beach Pier, and basking beside a vintage property owned and operated by Beach Vacation Rentals, awarded 2019 Small Business of the Year for Tourism and Hospitality. Yes, most folks return time and time again to sunbathe on our Blue Wave beaches, soak in the warm, clear Atlantic Ocean, and dine on mouthwatering coastal cuisine. But the city also boasts a diverse cultural arts scene, just minutes from Beach Vacation Rentals’ properties, thanks to four very special and diverse venues, three of which were developed in the last few years.

New (or Newly-Renovated) Cultural Arts Venues

Pompano Beach continues to grow and blossom into one of the Southeast’s most alluring destinations. Thus, the city’s leaders relentlessly pursue new avenues for public and private development, as well as economic stability, while also retaining its unique character and charm. In recent years, Pompano Beach’s cultural art scene has undergone a massive overhaul with the opening of three brand new venues, as well as upcoming improvements to its beloved amphitheater, known merely as The AMP. So, whether you’re in the mood for a rousing live performance or a thought-provoking art exhibition, one of these distinct cultural arts venues will undoubtedly fill the void.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center

The state-of-the-art, 47,000 square foot Pompano Beach Cultural Center is next door to City Hall, just across the street from revitalized Old Pompano. Newly built in 2017, it boasts a large multi-use theater with flexible events space, multi-media room, art gallery, and other public spaces that encompass all facets of art, from theatrical performances to visual media installations. Through art, music, dance, and public classes and workshops, locals and travelers alike can experience this region’s vast cultural impact. Many of South Florida’s most beloved artists will, at one point, utilize the space at this groundbreaking cultural arts site.

Ali Cultural Arts Center

The Ali Cultural Arts Center, which is named after longtime residents Frank and Florence Ali, plays an integral role in our community. Here, the public can enjoy “Soulful Sundays” jazz performances, poetry sessions, music workshops, and more. This 1930s architectural masterpiece was the neighborhood’s first African American business hub; it once contained a barbershop, beauty salon, and boarding house for many decades. Recent renovations have brought new life to this newly-curated cultural arts center. The center celebrates the culture and history of Pompano Beach’s African American community. Live performances are held on-site, and various artworks lie inside. 

Photo of a BaCA Cultural Art TourBailey Contemporary Arts Center

The Old Bailey Hotel, which was built in the 1920s, is now beautifully restored and converted to serve as the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center (BaCA), a thriving artist residency. Downstairs are large art galleries open and free to the public, with rotating exhibits monthly. Upstairs is home to over a dozen resident artist studios where painters, photographers, ceramicists, and multidisciplinary artists work on their new creations. The space is also utilized for public events such as live poetry readings, art workshops, wine tastings, jazz performances, and free exhibits.


Photo of a Live Show at The AMP, Cultural Art at Its Finest

The AMP, Travel Pulse’s 2019 pick for the “best outdoor music venue in Florida,” will soon receive a state-of-the-art, high-tech roof, new acoustical equipment, and upgraded public areas. Not only will the roof protect all seated onlookers from potential inclement weather, but it can also capture sound from the main stage to ensure it doesn’t leak into the night’s sky. The acoustics will certainly receive a boost, and the roof itself will pair well with each band’s pyrotechnics and light display.

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