Cottages by the Ocean in Pompano Beach

Cottages by the Ocean, Pompano Beach, Florida.

Accommodations can have a huge impact on your vacation. You can find the perfect destination and plan a memorable itinerary, but if your lodging lacks comfort, privacy, or security, the vacation of your dreams can quickly go awry.  

The team at Beach Vacation Rentals is here to help you pick out the ideal accommodations for your next getaway. We offer well-appointed vacation rentals in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida, but our tips will help you select the perfect rental in any destination. Here are tips and tricks that will help you.

Read Reviews

Learn from the experiences of other travelers by reading reviews on the vacation rental properties you are considering. The more reviews, the better! Read what guests are saying about key factors like cleanliness, location, and responsive management. For example, here’s what a former guest had to say about our vacation rentals at Cottages by the Ocean, “The cottages are super clean, beds are very comfortable, there is all the kitchenware you need, the choice of outdoor patio for one of the cottages or screened in porches for the others is great, the service from Elaine and the maintenance crew is timely; I really can’t say enough good things about this place!”

While reviews are a good way to get a feel for the experiences that others have had, you can’t let a rare bad review taint your decision-making process for an otherwise top-rated property. Ignore the isolated one-star reviews about a property that appear vindictive and don’t match comments from the predominance of five-star reviews. Don’t forget to check reviews across multiple websites such as Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and These major sites are just a few of those that offer verified customer reviews.

Awards & Badges

A collection of awards and badges for Beach Vacation RentalsThere are many prestigious awards that vacation rental companies can receive. Year after year, Beach Vacation Rentals’ properties were awarded the Superior Small Lodging Association’s White Glove Award for 100-percent housekeeping excellence during surprise annual inspections. Both the Pompano Beach Chamber and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber have awarded Beach Vacation Rentals with top Small Business of the Year awards. Call local chambers to inquire about a property.

Many other awards are based on what is written in verified customer reviews. When visiting the website of a prospective vacation rental company, check for badges. For example, Beach Vacation Rentals was recognized in the 2024 KAYAK Travel Awards for its standards of excellence at Cottages by the Ocean. Travelocity awarded us with a Certificate of Excellence and a badge proclaiming that 100% of guests recommend Cottages by the Ocean, while bestowed a lofty 9.2 “Exceptional” rating, and Hotel.Social awarded us based on reviews from Travel writers and other industry professionals.

Visit the Property in Advance

The best way to learn about a vacation rental is to check it out firsthand, in advance, if possible. Beach Vacation Rentals is happy to offer personal tours so that potential guests know that what is advertised is exactly what they’ll get when they stay with us. This is especially useful for travelers who vacation in the same destination every year, who may want to switch properties. If it’s not practical for you to visit the property yourself, perhaps a friend or family member living in the area can visit on your behalf. It is very enlightening and worth doing if you can.

Check Popular Booking Sites, but Book Direct

Popular booking sites like Expedia,, KAYAK, Travelocity, and are great for conducting preliminary research on different vacation rentals. These sites include a lot of helpful information on the properties, including a list of amenities, floor plans, a look at nearby activities and attractions, reviews, awards, and more. 

However, when you are ready to book, it is usually better to book directly with the property. When you book directly, you can avoid booking fees that the popular booking sites have, allowing you to save on your rental. Plus, booking your vacation rental directly allows you to speak directly with the property in advance so you can get a better feel for the property and more easily decide if it is the right fit.

Book With a Reputable Vacation Rental Company

Beach Vacation Rentals proprietor Elaine Fitzgerald with long-time maintenance chief Jaime Delgado and Head Housekeeper Chrysie Janoski.

Beach Vacation Rentals proprietor Elaine Fitzgerald with long-time maintenance chief Jaime Delgado and Head Housekeeper Chrysie Janoski.

Before you book a vacation rental, it is important to be sure that the company you are working with is reputable. With these tips, you can find the perfect vacation rental for your next getaway. 

If you are looking for accommodations in Pompano Beach, Florida, just north of Fort Lauderdale, consider Beach Vacation Rentals. We have helped provide a memorable vacation experience to countless travelers for more than 20 years, and have the reviews and awards prove it. To book our accommodations, please visit our contact page or call 954-283-1111 today to start your booking.