A stunning aerial view of Pompano Beach, a prime location for South Florida real estate prospecting.While much of the country faces economic downturns due to lockdowns and restrictions on entertainment, dining, and gatherings, South Florida is teeming with buying opportunities as a super-charged real estate sector takes hold. As you read this, many people are racing down to the Sunshine State in search of lower taxes, economic freedom, and excellent weather. Properties are going into bidding wars as condos, beach houses, and mansions are sold within days—sometimes hours. The South Florida real estate market is booming with no clear end in sight. 

Not to be left out of the fun, the bullish market is alive and well in Pompano Beach, Florida, just North of Fort Lauderdale. This safe, clean, family-friendly, and more affordable oceanfront town boasts a spectacular new oceanfront park promenade, attractive new infrastructure city-wide, and has drawn a host of new restaurants and businesses that have eyed the upward momentum here. If you are coming to look for a new home, investment property or commercial business, it’s all here. And finding a place to stay while you do business won’t be hard when you book with one of Beach Vacation Rentals, five, top-rate boutique extended stay lodgings.

South Florida Real Estate | Work Hard, Play Harder

A South Florida real estate sign.One of the advantages of staying in a South Florida vacation rental instead of a dull hotel room is the freedom that comes with feeling at home, and the chance to relax and play between real estate appointments. With an impressive collection of cottages, condos, and apartments with unfettered access to renowned beaches and other attractions, staying with Beach Vacation Rentals may be the easiest decision you make as you wade through many South Florida real estate prospects. Having a place that’s central to all South Florida businesses, attractions and shopping will allow you to seamlessly transition from work to play as soon as your deals are finalized. Furthermore, you’ll have plenty of space for friends and family in a clean, tranquil, and tropical atmosphere.

South Florida Staycation | Pompano Beach

Over the last few months, working from home has become common practice for many employees. As a result, people residing in other parts of the country can now consider moving to a more desirable location with little to no disruptions to their work life, and pay no state income taxes. Although the pandemic has accelerated the South Florida real estate market, many experts say it was bound to happen regardless. With many out-of-town buyers already choosing attractive areas like Pompano Beach to escape astronomical housing costs and higher taxes, it was only a matter of time until a boom happened. It’s not just folks from the Northeastern seaboard moving here, it’s everyone. What’s more, highly-skilled displaced workers are flocking to South Florida in search of new jobs in a business-friendly environment. Meanwhile demand for employees is skyrocketing. There has been no better time to move to South Florida than now.

Vacation Beach Houses in Pompano Beach, Florida

Photo of a Condo in the City of Pompano Beach.The South Florida real estate market is seeing an unprecedented ascension, so you’ll want to act fast! Enjoy a temporary stay at a top-rated Beach Vacation Rental boutique lodging while you do your search. Mixing business with pleasure comes naturally in Pompano Beach and we invite you to find out why. With various specials and access to some of the best restaurants, beaches, and activities, it’s no surprise that so many people are staking their claim in our section of the Sunshine State. For more information or to get in touch with a reservationist, please visit our contact page or call 954-283-1111 today.