(7-21-18) ATTENTION DIVERS!!! Explore extraordinary Shipwreck Park off Pompano Beach, Florida. Wrecks and sunken artworks of the Lady Luck, Okinawa, historic SS Copenhagen and 14 others await you just one mile offshore. Beach Vacation Rentals cottages and apartments are just a short walk to the dive boats. Your host, Elaine Fitzgerald, is part of the Shipwreck Park team and helped the not-for-profit organization with the sinkings of both the 324-foot Lady Luck and the 107-ft Okinawa in the last two years. Shipwreck Park is perhaps the most easily accessible major dive site in the nation. This endeavor is one of the largest contributions to Florida’s important artificial reef system. It is fun for divers, takes pressure off of natural reefs nearby and is now home to vast schools of fish and other marine life.