Special Events

specialevents4Known as South Florida’s saltwater fishing capitol, Pompano Beach celebrates it’s heritage by hosting the annual Nautical Flea Market in January, followed by a huge annual Seafood Festival in late April and the popular Fishing Rodeo in mid-May. The year wraps up with December’s Holiday Boat Parade on the Intracoastal Waterway…a spectacular nighttime flotilla and the oldest continuous boat parade in Florida.

In addition to these major festivals, a myriad of other special events take place every week throughout the city. Everything from art shows to car shows to piano competitions, historic walking tours, street festivals, concerts and much more. For a listing of what’s coming up, click here.

At January’s annual Pompano Beach/Lighthouse Point Nautical Flea Market, you will find all types of nautical gear – both new and used.  Fishing tackle, dock boxes, boat shoes, nautical art & jewelry, motors, dinghy’s, scuba gear, antique goods, boats on trailers, plus much, much more! Come for a fun weekend in Pompano’s Community Park and take advantage of the bargains.

The annual Seafood Festival is known as Florida’s biggest beach party, and is very popular with families and empty nesters. Enjoy every kind of seafood imaginable, a huge arts and crafts area, and a three-day weekend full of live music concerts on the sand.

The Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo has been a South Florida tradition since 1965. It takes place every year during the third weekend in May. The tournament has been known as the Rodeo since it began, as it ultimately resembles a “roundup” for the most popular species. The tournament draws anglers nationwide, and provides yearly support as a benefactor to many saltwater conservation programs and marine education projects.

The Annual Yuletide On Atlantic Parade and Celebration is one of the biggest and most charming hometown street parades you’ll see.  It takes place along Atlantic Blvd. from Riverside Drive to McNab Park. After the Parade the Mayor will light the Yuletide Tree and there will be many children’s activities. For more information call 954.786.4111.

A unique and spectacular event on the Intracoastal Waterway is South Florida’s oldest, continuous Holiday Boat Parade, which has taken place annually in mid-December since 1963. Dozens of beautifully decorated pleasure craft from yachts to kayaks slowly parade up the waterway to delight thousands of visitors and residents who watch from the water’s edge.

These major events have drawn visitors and locals alike for decades.

Nautical Flea Market
Seafood Festival
Fishing Rodeo
Yuletide on Atlantic Parade
Holiday Boat Parade

For a more detailed list of events, dates and times in Pompano Beach, click here.